Welcome To Our Parish

CHURCH PAINTING INFORMATION.  The focal point of the church is the large stained glass window pictured above. The colours included in the window were used as the final choice of colours for the church. The pillars and fans of the church were painted to be coordinated with the robe worn by St. Francis of Assisi. Above the name inscribed on the window are the two yellow choices of colour for the walls, the darker yellow is Bonjour and the lighter colours is Chelsea. The location of the altar closer to the people allows us to show the two parts of the Mass – the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. The focus on the first part is the Word being proclaimed and the Prayers of the Faithful, and then it moves to the Eucharist. Thank you to Lorenzo Fabro and the other parishioners and parish groups who spent many hours bringing our painting project to a successful completion


Sunday Mass Schedule:         
Saturday 7 p.m.             Sunday 9 a.m.

Weekday Liturgy: 
Wednesdays 9 am

By appointment

Parish Council President  ~ Joe Rogers  ~  446-9296
Financial Chair ~ Anne Snow ~ 446-4606
Religious Education  ~  
Music Ministry  ~ Greg Forsythe  ~  454-5427
RCIA Ministry  ~  Liesette Donovan  ~  444-9810
Bereavement Ministry  ~ Greg Forsythe  ~  454-5427
Catholic Women's League  ~ Barb Siller ~  450-2825
Knights of Columbus  ~ Ray Mulholland  ~  446-6979
Cemetery Committee  ~Greg Rowan ~  471-0626
Maintenance  ~ Greg Rowan  ~  471-0626 
Garden Committee  ~ Les Siller  ~  450-2825